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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Smartphone lost or stolen? In such a way, locked or deleted data at home

Smartphone lost or stolen? In such a way, locked or deleted data at home

Smartphone lost or stolen? In such a way, locked or deleted data at home

Smartphone Protect

Smartphone lost or stolen? In such a way, locked or deleted data at home. Smartphones have become the sole stakeholder of people’s lifestyles. People keep very important data on their smartphones. Think that the Android smartphone that you suddenly lost or stolen? There are also bank-related data in your phone that you become losers if someone else comes into the hands of others. We tell you some tips on how to do so, so that you can save your data at home. You can lock the phone and delete the data. But there are also the conditions for this phone to be found. terms for finding phones

  • The Android phone that is lost or stolen must be in the current state.
  • Any Google account should be logged-in to the phone, e-mail etc.
  • An Internet connection must be on the phone. This means that mobile phone data or Wi-Fi should be connected to the Internet through some medium.
  • The phone should have a GPS on. So that the phone can be found about the location.

My phone should be running a fine my phone

Follow these steps

  • To find the phone first go to Here you will be asked to login. 
  • Login here with the same e-mail ID that runs on your phone. 
  • You will also see a Google map with your device than the log-in. 
  • Google map will show your device’s location. 
  • In which you will see a lot of options. There will be an option to play the sound below the phone in the left side. 
  • Click here to ring the phone ring. The ring will ring even if the phone is in silent mode. Below it will be the second option of the lock. 
  • Click here to lock a phone, display message or phone number. 
  • Below it will be the third option. All data on the device can be deleted by clicking here
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Smartphone lost or stolen? In such a way, locked or deleted data at home

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