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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The bad news for the teachers of Gujarat, if you have to change now, not even with seniority… !!

If the State Department of Education will adopt a new formula for drafting internal transfer and district transfer rules, then it would be a great injustice for the Valmiki, the handicapped, the couple, and the widow teachers who were given priority in the transfer so far.

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 Because, under the new rules not only the seniority of the job but also the arbitrary multiplication method will be considered eligibility.  Experts are observing that corruption will also be exacerbated by this provision.

 Even before the official announcement of these rules, it has gone viral on social media, with the government going viral.  Attempted to contact the Director of Primary Education on this issue but could not.  Currently teachers have three years of job experience for internal transfer in the district and five years experience for districtfare, while the new provision has provisioned five years in internal transfer and eight years in districtfare.

 Although the teacher has a lot of experience when transfer camps are present, the priority is given to Valmiki, a widow or a couple.  But according to the new rules, not only the seniority of the job but also the qualification of the replacement according to the marks obtained according to the multiplication method.

 Importantly, the widow, Divyang, Valmiki, teacher couple, erectile dysfunction, government employee couple, aided institution have been provided for the couple from 1 point to 10 marks.  But in this method of multiplication, teachers who have received various awards, certificates, etc. will also be given marks.

 So that the direct priority that teachers were getting is no longer available.  When it comes to awards and certificates, experts say that their respective teachers will be able to make adjustments.  Second, the teachers who are missing the marks will be scrambling to get such certificates and finally appear to be emerging as a platform for corruption.

 Complete provision of arbitrary in the method of multiplication

 - A maximum of 5 marks if you have received YZEE certificate regarding submission of works in the last 3 years of seeking transfer.

 - Maximum 3 marks if a Certificate of Gujarat Council of School Accreditation Society is obtained.

 - A teacher of taluka, district or state level should get maximum 4 marks if he / she gets the award.

 - Maximum 3 marks if good grade is obtained in GCERT subject based voluntary examination.

 - 2 marks if the talukas have primary teacher certification

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