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Saturday, 14 March 2020

i Khedut Sahay Yojna For Pashupalan I

i Khedut Sahay Yojna For Pashupalan I

i Khedut Yojana 2020 : Khedut Mitro Government Ni Sabsidi Patra Yojna Ma Online Form Bharva Mate Khedut Nondhni Patrak No. Dwara Arji Kari Sako Cho Ane Je Khedut Mitro Pase Khedut Nondhani Patra Nathi Teo Niche Mujab Na Aadhar Purava Sathe Arji Kari Aapna Taluka Panchayat Kacheri Ae Karel Arji Ni Print Ma Sahi Kari Aapva Ni Rahese.

i Khedut Sahay Yojna For Pashupalan I

i khedut is an web portal started by Agriculture & Co-Operation Department. I khedut is online subsidy process by Government of Gujarat. The Farmers who are interested can easily register on this portal for get benefits of Gujarat Government subsidy at

Component of i Khedut Yojana 2020

Following are the Components or Ingredient of I khedut yojna.1. Underground Pipe Line-PVC

2.M B. Plau (mechanical reversible

3.Mb Plau

4.Mb Plau (Hydraulic reverse)

5.Outomatic Seed Low Fertilizer Drill

6. Automated Seed Low Fertilizer Planner

7. Automated Seed Drill

8. Celtivator

9. Cleaner cum Grader

10. Open Pipeline

11.Groundnut Digger

12. Charge cutter (engine / oil motor operated)

13.Captor Cutter (Tractors / Power Teeler Operated)

14. Chasele Plau

15. Serious Teal Seed Low Fertilizer Drill

16. Zero Teal Seed Low Fertilizer Planner

17. Serious Teal Seed Drill


19.Discover Plau

20.Discover Heroes

21. Retired

22. Pedi Trans-Planet (Self-propelled)

23. Pump Setts

24.Processing Unit


26.Pack Defense Equipment- Power-operated

27. Power Tealer

28. Power Thraser

29. Power Weeder (self-propelled)

30. Potato Diger

31. Potato Planter

32.Post Hall Digger

33. Frontier Broadcasters


35. Bund Former

36. Brus Cutter

37. Blade Harrow

38.Beller (tractor powered

39. Multi Crop Planter

40. Mobile Shader

41.Redged Bed Planter

42.Raze & Return Planter


44.Reper (tractor front mounted)

45.Ripper (self propelled)

46. Reaper cum binder

47. Pottery Plow

48. Harry Potter Disk

49. Rotary Power Tealer (Self Propelled)

50. Rotor Power Harrow

51. Rawatwater level

53. Laser Land Level

54. Vinoving Fan


56.Stable Saver

57. Subsecular

58. Slashar

59. Hand Tools Kit

60.Hero (Rap)

How to apply for i Khedut Yojana 2020 ???

Government of Gujrat has introduced I- Khedut Yojna for view to helping farmers of gujarat with better agriculture growth. First of all meet the computer operator of the village panchayat of your village to apply online application. Following are Necessity Document for I Khedut yojna.

Online Application :- Some Various welfare schemes for the farmers implemented by various agencies like co-operative societies, agricultural boards, corporations, government institutes etc.  ALl the schemes avail benefits to the farmers as easy way. i khedut allows get the benefits of the scheme to the farmers. The farmers who are applying for the i khedut scheme can take print and check status of the application.

Details about an agriculture :- The farmers can access the information regarding the dealers of pesticides, fertilisers, seeds etc. The Product and supplies information can be update by an dealers. Through the I khedut web portal, the farmers can check availability of products and price etc. By I khedut web portal, You can access details about various loans provided to farmers by different banks. At the i khedut web portal, list of the finance providers and their addresses can be accessed.

I Khedut Yojana 2020 Application Link :

Farming / Animal Husbandry / Horticulture / Fisheries / Land and Water Conservation Schemes: Click Here


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