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Friday, 20 March 2020

This Italian woman sends messages to people around the world to write about Corona virus Sumber :

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the corona virus an epidemic.  The Corona virus that has spread through China's Wuhan city has caused widespread outbreaks worldwide.  The number of people infected with the corona virus worldwide has exceeded 1 million 38 thousand 153.  The whole world is facing the challenges of this deadly disease.  Italy has suffered the most damage since China due to the Corona virus. In just 24 hours on March 12, 189 people have died in Italy due to the Corona virus. In addition, the death toll from the Corona virus in Italy has reached 10,16. There have been 15,113 cases of coronary virus reported in Italy so far, of which 1,258 have been cured. Given this situation, Italy has been locked down. People are not leaving the house, shops and malls are closed. An Italian woman has written a post on Facebook about her story and the situation in the city, which is going viral very quickly. Our purpose behind sharing the story of this Italian woman, Cristina Higgins, is not to scare you, but to tell you the true state of the city that is most affected by the Corona virus right now. India is a densely populated country, so if the virus spreads, a large number of people will be affected by it. Only if the right information can reach people in the right time, the virus can be prevented from spreading. Corona virus can be very easily prevented and completely prevented, but it is important for everyone to come together. Italian woman Cristina Higgins writes on Facebook - 'I am writing this to you from Bergamo, Italy, which is the epicenter of the Corona virus crisis. US media did not properly cover the plight here. I am writing this post because not the government, not the schools and the districts, not the officials, but all of you, every citizen, has a chance that you can save your country from being in a situation like Italy. There is only one way to prevent this virus and it is to prevent the spread of the infection. And the way to prevent infection is to make millions of people like you change their behavior today and stop touching each other. ' Christina Next writes about people who are not taking the virus seriously. 'If you are in Europe or the US, you are still several weeks away from the situation where today it has reached Italy. I can hear you from here saying, "This is just the flu. It only affects the elderly and the already sick. ”  There are only 2 reasons why the corona virus forced Italy to kneel today. First, it is a dangerous flu, which forces people to stay in the ICU for weeks after becoming ill. And another reason is that the virus spreads rapidly to people. People who are infected with the virus are being kept in the isolation period for up to 2 weeks. Last night, when Prime Minister County announced that the nation would lockdown 60 million people, one line worried me the most, "Now we don't have time." This simply means that the country is in lockdown. Their only meaning was that the whole system of Italy would be destroyed if the infection was not prevented.  Why? Today the number of ICUs in Lombardy is overcrowded, over capacity. It has started to put people in the hall instead of the ICU. If the number of people infected with the virus does not diminish anytime soon, thousands more will soon fall victim to the virus, which needs to be taken care of. What happens when 100 or 1000 people need a hospital? While only a few have survived the ICU.  On Monday, a doctor wrote that when people are brought to the emergency, they first have to decide who is truly eligible and who is not. As is done in wartime situations. This situation may worsen in the coming days. The number of doctors, nurses and medical personnel is limited and they are also infected with the virus. All of them are constantly working every day. What happens when doctors and nurses are not, or are not, able to care for patients  After all, for people who are saying that this is an infection that only happens to older people, hospitals have been saying since yesterday that they are constantly coming to treat young people who are 40, 45, 18ears old.

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