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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

These 5 questions are most commonly asked on Google about Corona Virus

These 5 questions are most commonly asked on Google about Corona Virus

As the Corona Virus infection spreads across the globe, the curiosity about it is increasing. People are more interested to know where the virus originated, rather than treating the symptoms of corona virus. At the same time, the question is being asked whether the disease can be cured or not. So let’s know the answer to the question that is being repeatedly searched on Google.

What is Corona Virus ?

Corona virus is actually a form of the virus, which causes diseases in animals. The virus has so far had 7 viruses that have been transmitted from human to animal. The new virus is also one of them. Which we also call Covid-19. Apart from that there are two other types of corona virus

How did Corona Virus start?

The answer to where Corona Virus originated is highly controversial. Because, the administration says, Corona’s originated from Wuhan’s seafood market, but a research in China claims that Corona’s first patient has nothing to do with Wuhan’s seafood market. China is still searching for Corona’s first Patient Zero. It is believed that this will greatly help in coronary medicine.

How many cases of corona viruses in india ?

The current number of coronary virus patients in India is 151. So far 3 patients have died. However, the figure is still rising. India is still in the second stage in regards to the spread of corona. That is why the government is trying to prevent the virus from reaching the third stage, ie mass spread. So many are being tried on a larger level.

How to Prevent Corona virus

First of all, it is important to be vigilant rather than afraid of the virus. The main feature of corona virus is fever and dry cough. If you have this symptom, check with a legal doctor. Although not necessarily fun, you do have the Corona virus. Because, this is also the season for common flu. Because of this, fear is spreading among the people. JK, of course, it is imperative to be vigilant.

Is Corona Virus Curable

So far no accurate coronary drug has been produced, but the mortality rate is 2 to 3 percent. Generally, the disease is more at risk for people who have been through a serious illness or are older. It is worth mentioning that, so far in the world, more than 100,000 people have been infected by the disease. In which 80 thousand people have recovered and returned home, 7 thousand have died

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