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India Corona update date 15-5-2020

India Corona update date 15-5-2020

  • Lockdown in hot spot areas in Mumbai extended till May 31
  • In Maharashtra, the number of infected people crossed 27,000, followed by Tamil Nadu
  •  A part of the building was closed after an infected person was found in the army building

New Delhi. So far 82,788 people have been infected with corona in the country and 2,649 people have died. At the same time, 27,969 people in the country have recovered after treatment. Today, the number of infected people in Maharashtra has crossed 27,000. So on the other hand now Tamil Nadu has come second with 9674 patients. Gujarat also ranks third with 9,592 infected people. All these figures are as per the information received from covid19india.org and the state government.

On Friday, 154 patients were found in Rajasthan, 102 in Andhra Pradesh, 45 in Karnataka, 06 in Bihar, 02 in Punjab and 1 in Himachal Pradesh. These figures are based on information from covid19india.org and the state government.


 The National Testing Agency has given a final chance to correct the error in the form of NEET exam and select the city for the exam center. Students who sit for this exam will now be able to revise their form by May 31. This step is taken so that the student can choose the center as close as possible, as it would not be appropriate to move to another city in the midst of the Corona crisis.

INS Jalashwa from Maldives: Under Operation Sea Bridge, INS Jalashwa will take 700 Indians from Mal ркоા, the capital of Maldives, to Kochi. On the other hand, the Railways has informed that 145 labor special trains were run on Thursday. In which 2 lakh 10 thousand laborers traveled.

The apex court sought a reply from the government: The apex court, the solicitor general, said in an affidavit that the states concerned were taking steps to appoint officers to help migrant laborers traveling to the home states.

Passengers lost from train: Haridwar DMA said a train carrying 1300 passengers came from Bengaluru, in which many passengers were not found. A search is under way for where they landed.

The lockdown in the hot spot area in Mumbai has been extended till May 31.
The Supreme Court judge has quarantined himself and his family. The person cooking at the judge's house has been found positive. The cook had been on leave since May 7 and his Corona report came back positive yesterday.
The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to set up relief camps on state highways to help migrant laborers. So that the hiker can rest there.
Tamil Nadu ranks second in the country with 9,647 patients

Status of States

 Madhya Pradesh, Infected: 4426- Here on Thursday, 253 patients reported positive corona. Of these, 131 were found in Indore, 42 in Bhopal, 35 in Burhanpur, 10 in Jabalpur, 07 in Neemuch, 05 in Ujjain and 4-4 in Sagar, Rewa. The number of infected in Bhopal has gone up from 900 to 2238 in Indore and 157 in Jabalpur. Maharashtra, Infected: 27524- 1601 crore infected were found here on Thursday and 44 people died. At the same time, the death toll from Corona has crossed 1000. Minister Prithviraj Chauhan has demanded the Center to take possession of the gold reserves held by the trust in temples across the country to bring the nation out of the economic crisis. Uttar Pradesh, Infected: 3902- The Uttar Pradesh government has decided that migrant workers coming to the state will no longer have to pay labor special train fares. These costs will be borne by the state government. There were 144 new cases in the state on Thursday.

Rajasthan, Infected-4534 206 infected were found here on Thursday. Among them, 59 cases were registered in Udaypura, 36 in Jodhpur, 20 in Jaipur, 22 in Jalor, 17 in Nagaur and 6 in Ajmer. On the other hand, a 2-month-old baby from Agra died.



Delhi, Infected: 8470- 472 infected people were found here on Thursday. 187 patients recovered while 9 died. The secretary and deputy secretary were found infected at Delhi's Ghazipur fruit and vegetable market. Bihar, Infected: 999- There were 46 cases of corona infection here on Thursday, out of which 9 patients were found in Purnia and 4 in Khagadiya. On the other hand, in Patna district, home delivery of food from a restaurant has been approved.